Al Ahly Sports Club (Mega Project)

In 2015, Horse Sports managed to acquire the exclusive rights for using Al Ahly Sporting Club (The National Sporting Club) logo on a wide variety of Merchandise, Thus utilizing the rights to establish a Chain of Store Known as Al Ahly Official Store and introducing a brand known as Al Ahly Official Merchandise

Givova Sports (Partner)

Givova is a sports team wear and footwear trademark founded in 2008 in Scafati, Italy by Giovanni Acanfora. Currently new to range YDA FC main sponsor.
In 2018 the quality of Givova sportswear jerseys made worldwide attention in a story on involving the intersection of global sportswear brands, World cup teams, and international sanctions against Iran.

TK Sports (Partner)

A small room with four machines were the only resources we had when TK Apparel was started in 2009 by our visionary leader, Mr. Rajan Kohli who also happens to be a die-hard sports enthusiast.
Though our beginning was small our aspirations were not. We aspired to become the best solutions provider for athletes who wanted to look good and perform better, for them to perform better we needed to put our best game forward, and that is what we did.