• Horse sports design and manufacture the products.
  • Design and concept will be unique to the Football club.
  • Horse sports be Branding and Marketing the Products professionally and distribute in the region.
  • Horse sports open Retail Outlets FC and distribute the products to the fans.
  • Horse sports create on-line portal for e-commerce and make the products reachable to the fans who wish to get it on-line.
  • Horse sports official supplier for some companies.
  • Horse sports specialized in organizing camps.
  • Horse sports Specialized in organizing sports events and friendly matches .


  • To develop more Official Football fan stores in Egypt and the MENA region.
  • Expand internationally with the fan stores and acquire global knowledge for them.
  • Coordinate with International Football Fan stores to create a unified football experience store for all football lovers among Egypt and MENA region.
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Business Scope Covers

Retail Business

  • Retail Stores Concept Development
  • Retail Management
  • Retail Construction

Merchandise Development

  • Products concept & Design Product Creation
  • Identifying product mix per store for different store categories

Project Management

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Business Development
  • Fan Base Management


Our Mission

To become the leading company in the sports manufacturing industry in the MENA region and create an everlasting sports experience to all football fans that are built on passion and thrive towards the game.

Our Vision

To become the leading Football Merchandise Company in the Middle East & Africa
To become a global leader in the sports manufacturing industry committed to providing sports fans around the world with a remarkable experience that leave them impressed with the fully comprehensive sport’s exposure.